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Corporate Social
Responsibility Report

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

On our journey to become the world’s leading vehicle care business — driving the future of mobility for all powertrains — Valvoline’s foundational principles of Corporate Social Responsibility continue to lead our way.


At Valvoline, we strive for the betterment of humankind, from our team members who continuously drive our success to those who live in the neighborhoods in which we operate.

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Valvoline is committed to a zero-incident culture for our employees and customers. We design, build and operate our facilities to promote a safe and secure workplace.

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Valvoline’s culture of sustainability and product stewardship helps ensure that we deliver our products and services with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

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Innovation has been the lifeblood of Valvoline’s success since our founding in 1866, and that spirit remains integral to each new initiative we undertake.

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