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Valvoline is committed to a zero-incident culture for our employees, vendors, and customers. We design, build and operate our facilities to promote a safe and secure workplace.

Near Miss Program

Safety is a top priority every day at Valvoline, and we remain committed to a zero-incident culture for our employees.

We have been tracking safety incident data for years and in 2021 we elevated our efforts specific to “near miss” reporting with a more intentional and programmatic approach. Valvoline’s near-miss program encourages reporting of events that have happened but, for any number of reasons, didn’t result in an actual injury or impact. In other words, fortunate circumstances or timing may have been the only factors that kept a team member safe. By focusing on leading indicators such as near misses, we can more proactively and effectively assess where improvements can be made and strategically implement safer procedures, thereby reducing the number of possible injuries in the future. Our “Be Brave Enough To Interrupt” culture implores our team members to take action and avoid situations that may lead to, or result in, an accident. Our near miss program provides yet another reminder to our associates that it is important to point out and report unsafe acts or conditions to help ensure a safer work environment.

The “accident triangle” conveys a relationship between serious accidents, minor accidents and near misses

Valvoline Serbia Fire Brigade

At Valvoline’s Serbian operations, efforts to improve safety standards in the recently acquired facility progressed significantly in 2021 with the introduction of a fire-prevention program. As part of the initiative, we launched a fire brigade that boasts 15 Valvoline team members, a new fire truck, and personal protective equipment. We intend to add three new team members and a tank truck to the fire brigade in 2022, and we have plans to install a new fire-suppression system to meet NFPA standards.

These advancements were bolstered by reconfiguring the facility’s inventory and evacuation routes to mitigate fire hazards and facilitate efforts to effectively suppress potential fire events. Team members participated in training sessions such as evacuation procedures, fire-fighting exercises, and best practices for fire prevention. Our fire brigade is so well equipped that it also serves beyond our fenceline by assisting the local Krusevac Fire Department when necessary.

“Valvoline really stepped it up this year. We take great pride in safety at our Krusevac site, and to have our own fire brigade is a testament to that commitment.”

Dragana Milosavljević
Safety and Fire Protection Specialist,

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