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Our cSr approach

At Valvoline, we strive for greatness in all that we do, and we are committed to winning... the right way. This tenet applies to all aspects of our operations and translates into a strategic CSR focus in four main areas: people, safety, environment, and innovation.

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Creating and supporting initiatives to realize better communities and a more empowering, inclusive, and diverse workplace.


We remain committed to environmental stewardship through all aspects of our business, from our product offerings to the services we provide.


We design, build, and operate our facilities to consistently promote a safe and secure workplace.


Our legacy of innovation extends back to our founding in 1866, and today we continue to explore new ways of thinking to positively impact our stakeholders.

Valvoline’s “3 v’s”

Valvoline’s three “V”s — Our Values, Vow and Vision — drive our culture and always inform the decisions we make.


  • It all starts with our people
  • Safety is always our priority
  • We are committed to winning... the right way
  • We work hard, celebrate success and have fun
  • We strive for greatness


Our vow is to bring “Hands-On Expertise” for the benefit of our customers every day, moving the business forward with speed and excellence.


We are building the world’s leading engine and automotive maintenance business. We will accelerate growth around the world by increasing our focus and investment in:

  • The Valvoline brand, built on superior products and service.
  • The industry’s best retail services model.
  • Technology that enables speed, innovation and increased efficiency in every aspect of our business.
  • Strong value-adding relationships with our partners.

Valvoline Charitable Giving Program
Through hands-on service, focused generosity and the continuous pursuit of innovative and sustainable solutions, we work to build communities that are healthier and have a more promising future. We have a proactive, outcome-driven, corporate contributions program that targets areas where we operate. To assist you in submitting your request, our procedures and guidelines are noted below.

Learn more about Valvoline’s charitable giving program

Valvoline Management Systems
Valvoline has a passion for People, Product and Planet-driven management systems. Our environmental, health and safety (EH&S) management system governs company-wide processes and all EH&S activities at our supply chain sites. Valvoline Instant Oil Change (VIOC) operates under a complementary management system designed to meet the unique needs of its business.

SuperPro™, VIOC’s exclusive service process of more than 150 steps that our certified technicians execute during our stay-in-your-car oil change experience, incorporates our EH&S standards. Our employees are trained, tested and certified on these standards as they support and encourage the proper use of callouts, personal protective equipment, tools, and SuperPro system practices to drive superior EH&S performance.

Valvoline continues to adhere to the Responsible Care 14001 (RC14001) standard as best-in-class for Valvoline’s Global Supply Chain’s Responsible Operations program. The program is a comprehensive certified management system assuring uniform transparent global implementation of environmental, health, safety and security standards. This framework helps identify and address risk, targets and objectives, monitor performance and drive continuous improvement within the Valvoline supply chain through documented standards and best practices. Our Responsible Operations Management System is externally group certified to RC14001 by ABS Quality Evaluations.

Valvoline’s EHS Management System Certifications and Policies

ISO 14001 Group Certification
RC 14001 Group Certification
ISO 14001 (Australia)
ISO 45001 (Australia)
ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 (India)
ISO 14001 (Serbia)
ISO 45001 (Netherlands)
Quality Management System Certifications
Responsible Operations EHS Policy

About Valvoline™
Valvoline Inc. (NYSE: VVV) is a leading provider of automotive services and marketer and supplier of premium branded lubricants worldwide, with sales in more than 140 countries. Established in 1866, the Company’s heritage spans more than 150 years, during which time it has developed powerful brand recognition across multiple product and service channels. Valvoline operates and franchises more than 1,500 quick-lube locations and is the No. 2 chain by number of stores in the United States under the Valvoline Instant Oil Change ℠ brand and the No. 3 chain by number of stores in Canada under the Valvoline Great Canadian Oil Change brand. It also markets Valvoline lubricants and automotive chemicals, including Valvoline EV Performance Fluids; Valvoline Hybrid Vehicle Full Synthetic motor oil; Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife technology motor oil for engines over 75,000 miles; Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic motor oil; Valvoline Premium Blue™ heavy-duty motor oil; Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid; and Zerex™ antifreeze. To learn more, visit

™ Trademark, Valvoline or its subsidiaries, registered in various countries
℠ Service mark, Valvoline or its subsidiaries, registered in various countries

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