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Innovation has been the lifeblood of Valvoline’s success since our founding in 1866, and that spirit remains integral to each new initiative we undertake.


In 2022, Valvoline began piloting electric vehicle (EV) services in some retail locations to better meet the ever-changing needs of today’s vehicles. Pilot programs are underway in select markets to help advance Valvoline’s strategy to extend its world-class preventive auto maintenance service model to electrified vehicles and zero emission vehicles. These Valvoline retail service centers provide inspection and maintenance-based services such as 12-volt battery replacement, tire rotations, key fob battery replacement, cabin air filter replacement, wiper replacement and state safety inspections, and we continue to test and roll out additional EV services at these locations.

Many of these services, already performed in Valvoline’s retail locations today, form the basis from which our leading reputation in the market was built. Valvoline’s brand recognition, customer loyalty and convenient national footprint position us favorably as consumer trends evolve toward EVs.

We also continue to test new product formulations in close collaboration with many original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners. By providing next-generation heat transfer and driveline fluids and lubricants to maximize the performance of an EV, we remain at the cutting edge of automotive innovation. Regardless of a vehicles power source, the “Quick, Easy, Trusted” name remains Valvoline.


Heidi Matheys
Valvoline Chief Transformation Officer


The Valvoline Instant Oil Change (VIOC) motto, “Service you can see. Experts you can trust.SM”, helps drive our customer experience where transparency, speed, and automotive expertise prevail.

That approach to automotive service differentiates us from all the rest, and we continue to enhance that experience. Sure, the interactions between friendly VIOC team members and customers are where our relationships are solidified, but the process begins well in advance of that initial touchpoint.

Automotive service can be an emotional and challenging experience for car owners, fraught with distrust, inconvenience, and anxiety. Our customer experience teams hear the concerns that arise from our consumer research: “I’m going to be overcharged,” “I don’t have the time,” and “I don’t really know what’s best for my car.” It’s our job to turn these consumer preconceptions on their head, and we employ VIOC data to do just that.

In 2022, VIOC discovered that nearly 80% of all DIFMers (do it for me consumers) feel anxiety about getting an oil change.* This is based on a national study of DIFMers, not just VIOC customers. These are customers who go to dealerships, automotive service centers, or tire stores for their oil change.

We continually analyze the data we’ve collected, in part, from the 250,000+ VIOC post-visit surveys to shape our strategic approach to customer experience and to inform the training our team members receive. With such significant consumer information at our fingertips, we employ technology-driven tools like dashboards to effectively manage and share that data across our locations. If a slip in speed is uncovered within a certain location, we can quickly address the concern. Conversely, when high performing stores are identified, we share the best practices that helped them achieve those scores with other centers.

With more than 1,700 locations, chances are there’s a VIOC conveniently located in our customers’ neighborhoods, shortening the distance to receive quality automotive service. We offer full-service oil change from certified technicians in about 15 minutes, including a free 18-point safety check, while customers stay in their vehicles. We also offer a wide range of maintenance services to keep vehicles running smoothly—On average, customers save up to 30% - 50% on non-oil change services over the dealer** — including tire rotations, serpentine belt replacement, batteries and more. And our customers never need an appointment to discover why we consistently rate 4.6 out of 5 stars***.

(*) March 2022 survey of 192 DIFMers.

(**) Based on a 2022 survey of Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, and Lexus dealership national average pricing. Average savings on air conditioning recharge, automatic transmission fluid exchange, battery replacement, cabin air filter, differential, fuel system cleaning services, radiator fluid exchange and serpentine belt ranges from 30% to 50%. Excludes special offers and discounts.

(***) Based on a survey of over 250,000 Valvoline Instant Oil ChangeSM customers annually.

(****) Applies only to accessible/applicable items. At participating locations. 18-Point Safety Check does not measure or capture any information related to customers' tire tread depth. Any results should not be understood to warrant or represent the tread depth on customers' tires.


Valvoline has created a workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent. By utilizing next-generation technology such as realistic job previews delivered via streaming video, a mobile-friendly application process, and online chat features, we offer an easy and seamless process for attracting qualified candidates and hire with speed. These features, some of which were implemented in 2022, were developed to communicate what makes Valvoline unique as an employer to attract diverse and qualified candidates and to select among the very best.

Valvoline is committed to delivering a unique experience for its candidates, and we were proud to be named a 2022 Talent Board Candidate Experience (“CandE”) Award Winner in North America for the fourth consecutive year. The CandE Award is the industry’s top designation for employers delivering an exceptional experience for job candidates throughout the hiring process, from job posting to job offer.

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