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Innovation has been the lifeblood of Valvoline’s success since our founding in 1866, and that spirit remains integral to each new initiative we undertake.

‘XEV’ – A New Suite of Hybrid and EV Products

Valvoline recently launched ‘XEV’, our brand’s first China-based release of hybrid, plugin hybrid and pure EV products. ‘XEV’ refers to a suite of hybrid and EV fluids including motor oil, battery protection fluid, and transmission and brake fluids. These products are designed to improve overall vehicle performance and reduce comprehensive maintenance costs.

Valvoline developed XEV new energy products and services in anticipation of the rapidly growing EV and hybrid market. According to the China Society of Automotive Engineering’s Roadmap 2.0 for Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicles, by 2035, new energy vehicles will account for more than 50 percent of the car parc in China. Much like our EV Performance Fluids launched in North America in 2019, XEV product line innovation works to address needs specific to hybrid and EV, including battery temperature variations, powertrain performance, brake system corrosion and seal bearing failure.

“As we look to the future of automotive — not just domestically but abroad — we are committed to ensuring our products, services and science evolve, adapt and solve consumer issues accordingly.”

Chang Yu
Vice President, Valvoline Global Products

Arrival Partnership

Demonstrating our commitment to the EV market, Valvoline announced a service partnership in 2021 with Arrival, a company on a mission to make air cleaner by replacing light commercial vehicles with affordable electric solutions. With a unique production strategy to build more cost-effective EVs in the fast-growing passenger bus and delivery van market, Arrival aims to reimagine urban mobility.

Valvoline has been named one of four initial partners in Arrival’s Service Network Program in the United States to service their vehicles. This partnership further advances Valvoline’s strategy to extend its world-class preventive automotive maintenance service model to EVs and hybrids. The Arrival vehicles will have an on-board diagnostics system that, among other things, will help the user/fleet owner determine preventive maintenance and service requirements. The system will then alert the driver of the nearest partner locations that are able to perform the services, including Valvoline locations. Valvoline will also have access to the system, and will be able to determine when a vehicle is scheduled to arrive for service and if the vehicle needs on-site diagnosis. Valvoline’s vast service network across the U.S. will allow Arrival to quickly implement its Service Network Program while providing its customers with access to Valvoline’s best-in-class service. As a fleet partner for Arrival, Valvoline will leverage its experienced, skilled technicians to deliver quick, no-appointment-necessary services. Valvoline’s award-winning training programs combined with Arrival’s Service Platform will be a key differentiator in delivering exceptional customer service.

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