From the CEO

From the CEO

To Our Stakeholders

It all starts with our people. This phrase is at the heart of Valvoline’s mission and values. It drives how we operate as a business and serves as a constant reminder to always put people—our teammates, our customers, our stakeholders—first. It’s also the foundation for our CSR activities. And it was perhaps never more evident than in 2020 as we navigated through the depths of the COVID pandemic.

I have never been more proud to work alongside the 8,800 people who make up our team. Through all of the challenges 2020 brought, we delivered for our customers like never before, achieved tremendous results and made significant progress toward realizing our vision for the company, all guided without compromise by our Vision, Values and Vow—or what we call our “Three ‘V’s.”

While we were delivering business results, we also continued to make progress toward reducing our energy and waste footprint, established a diversity, equity and inclusion council, and improved our safety meterics by leveraging a safety-focused culture which has been years in the making. We invested in training and career development that reduced turnover in our stores, took care of one another with our Hands On Assistance fund, and continued to give back to our communities with dollars and time to help disadvantaged children and families in our toughest neighborhoods. All of this happened because of our people.

Throughout 2020, our “Three ‘V’s” guided our COVID-19 efforts as we prioritized the health and safety of our team members. Valvoline’s COVID-19 Steering Committee, comprised of employees from across the company, helped us navigate the business through those unprecedented days. The Committee’s initiatives enabled our service centers and manufacturing facilities to safely maintain operations and allowed us to give team members who work in our global office locations the ability to safely work from home. The commitment and perseverance of our team members helped us effectively prioritize health and safety while continuing to deliver our essential services and products to our customers.

Inside this report you’ll find additional information and examples of Valvoline’s CSR efforts over this past year. While taking time to celebrate our CSR efforts and achievements is an important part of our journey, we recognize there is more work to be done. Our people-driven teams will continue to seek opportunities to run our business in a responsible manner, reduce our impact on the environment, create a diverse and vibrant workforce, and help make the communities in which we serve better.

Samuel J. Mitchell, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer

“We rely on our three “V”s—Values, Vow and Vision—to guide all decisions we make and fiscal 2020 was no exception.”

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